Coast Vintage Apparel Hoodie Drop

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 by IanG

Having yet to dabble in hands on textile work ourselves, it is always good to stumble upon something that can be great. In this case it’s Coast Vintage Apparel. Based out of Minnesota, the brand produces items that are handmade using vintage fabrics to give each item in the line a unique feel. The hoodie line, which just dropped, is a beaut if we may say so. It’s contrasted pocket fabric on a simple grey base keeps you on your feet. It takes a step away from normalcy to provide something truly special. Check out the sweaters for yourself and be sure to check around because we can only imagine the big things that’ll happen once they get off, considering it appears that they’ve hit the ground running.

Coast Vintage Apparel Hoodie Drop2

Coast Vintage Apparel Hoodie Drop3

Coast Vintage Apparel Hoodie Drop4



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